When I saw those oil paintings I mentioned before, I was curious where I could find a similar situation. 

It inspired me to think of the Wallace Collection.

I visited and was shocked by the huge floor heights, gorgeous velvet curtains, colorful wallpaper, golden furniture, and shiny porcelain......

But what impressed me most is the mirror in different shapes and with various elements. 

Not only these, but also the other visitors and me who are intoxicated in the mirror. 

I can observe the expression of every visitor who enters the room through the mirror.


Mirrors have illusory and unreal meanings in novels and historical stories.

It reflects the original.
But we only want to see what we want, or the illusion that is 
beautified in our mind. 

When talking about angels, like us, 'We are born in naked',

Also, we yearn for all beautiful and innocent things, but we forget our unsatisfied mentality and always want to ask for something from others.

'We feel nakedness like we fear knife.'

Taking a typical rococo mirror as a prototype, angels and plants are transformed into eroded shapes and painted with gold lacquer

The surface of the mirror is matte. I used a sander to polish the surface. Standing on the opposite side, we can only see a vague outline, but I can't see the most real appearance.

Never Full - Mirror I (2021)

Metal; Clay; Mirror; Lacquer 

70cm x 40cm

Never Full - Mirror I (2021) - Detail

Never Full - Mirror I (2021) - Detail

Never Full - Mirror II (2021)

Metal; Clay; Mirror; Lacquer 

65cm x 43cm


In free trade, it is the nature of businessmen to pursue the maximization of profits.

 The loss is shared equally by the whole society, and subsidies are given by the country. 

Everything is driven by demand, but now it is estimated consumption that drives production, leading to waste. 

Never Full - Mirror III (2021)

Metal; Clay; Mirror; Lacquer 

65cm x 40cm

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